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  • WiSEIA is Proud To Host Green Tea Coalition Founder, Debbie Dooley

    Please join WiSEIA, and guest speaker, Debbie Dooley, next Tuesday in Waukesha at Marshall Auto Body.  Debbie has been in the IT field for 15 years as a Systems Administrator. Debbie has been a grassroots activist since 1976 and has been actively involved in over 40 political campaigns and grassroots initiatives, successfully fighting back many tax increases on both the local and state level. Debbie became a grandmother in December of 2008 and is fighting for the future of her grandson. She is a co-founder of the Atlanta Tea Party and serves on the Board of Directors and is national coordinator of Tea Party Patriots. She recently co-founded the Green Tea Coalition which brings together conservatives and progressives to advocate for energy choice and freedom for the consumer.

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  • WiSEIA Board President Brings Conservative Voice to Wisconsin Solar

    The Wisconsin Solar Energy Industries Association (WiSEIA) board President, Matt Neumann, is conservative working in a typically non-conservative environment. But to him, that shouldn’t stop conservatives from joining in.

    In an article released today by Environment and Energy Publishing, Matt discusses a variety of issues facing the solar industry. One excerpt that I found interesting, “Neumann uses conservative touchstones to describe the state of things. For him, it’s a lack of “liberty” that prevents a property owner from choosing how to power his or her home or business. He said this absence of “energy choice” contradicts Republican tenets, which run strong in a state where the governor, Scott Walker, is favored by the tea party.”

    Recently, rate cases were filed by three of the largest utilities in Wisconsin, We Energies, Wisconsin Public Service and Madison Gas & Electric, that will raise the majority of electric bills by implementing higher fixed fees. These proposals will penalize customers for using less energy or using renewable energy. In addition, We Energies is proposing a tax on solar energy and take away the opportunity for its customers to finance a solar system through a third party. This third party model is successful around the country, and one that Neumann’s business, Sunvest, has built it’s company around.  

    Liberty is an acclaimed term in our country, and it really stands for what part of the “American Dream” is, but, liberty is not a party of energy model here in Wisconsin. Consider joining WiSEIA in our cause to help create quality jobs here in our state, and bring back liberty to our energy policies. Read the full story from Environment and Energy Publishing, here.

    Nick Korth – Executive Director, WiSEIA

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    Milwaukee shines: Solar industry heats up as returns on investments climb

    Monday, March 4, 2013

    By Molly Newman

    At first glance, it would seem counterintuitive to think that Milwaukee, in the midst of a cold Wisconsin winter, would be a national hotspot for solar energy. Yet, that is precisely what is happening.  The costs of “going solar” are relatively lower in Milwaukee, which has a cluster of local solar panel manufacturers, a cohesive network of installers and a cadre of financial incentives.

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